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Traditional or digital, static or "move-y", they're all my pleasure. Please view my updated portfolio at Behance.net.

If you have bigger challenges to solve, I work with corporations, creative teams and independent creators to put story and character in front of audiences. Contact me via email or call 415/4976246

TODAY IS THE DAY! I have 30 only A FEW copies left of my limited edition of "The Norm In Color" hardback. To get the book directly from me with a lovely color (4" x 6")-ish sketch signed to you, use the Paypal button below. I'm asking $100, studio trash and postage included! I'll mail it all out within a week.
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"The Norm" is alive and well. My syndicated comic strip still appears in newspapers weekly and on YouTube as a "comic readeo" -- Norm is married plus two these days!

THE NORM COMIC READEOS: 46 - 45 - 44 - 43 - 42 - 41 - 40 - 39 - 38 - 37 - 36 - 35 -

Scared of YouTube, just want your smartphone and 19th century entertainment NOT to co-mingle? Check out the newest strip here on the mothballed strips page.

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